Roma Ransom began as a musical group after Grace and Gordon began busking on the streets of Springfield, Missouri and shortly after we began dating. Our first gig was at Gem of India where we defined our sound. After a brief stint of gigs we took our act on the road. We relocated to Colorado Springs in 2011 for more musical opportunities and have traveled throughout the US on tour in the past few years. We love music from every culture and we attempt to emulate the sounds of different genres. We play every genre you can imagine, including Country, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Klezmer, Balkan, Classical, Avant Garde, Contemporary, Jazz, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Nepalese/Tibetan, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Funk, Soul. Our music is best described as eclectic bohemian world psych folk.

Grace Anne Easley

Grace grew up in Minnetonka Minnesota, playing the violin from the age of 7, and performing continually from then onward. She began teaching at age 16 in St, Louis, Mo during her time as a violist in the St.Louis Youth Symphony.  Grace attended Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo where she studied Viola performance, as well as violin improvisation.  In her time there she played with Moonhoney Gypsy Tango, as well as other various local bands and musicians such as Cindy Wolff, Casey Lynn. Grace met Gordon with banjo in hand while busking with her violin in downtown Springfield one night, so they began to play together. Their styles collaborated and thus created Roma Ransom. Grace Easley now lives in Colorado Springs teaching violin and viola lessons and  performing regularly with Roma Ransom.

Gordon Ralph Dean Lewis

Gordon Lewis grew up on a small farm in northern Minnesota. There he learned the basics of hard work, motivation and numerous skill sets. His interest in music began at an early age when he began playing saxophone. He bought his first cassette tape in fourth grade which was the Beach Boys. Soon he would learn how to play guitar and began playing with a local band named Sloughgrass. Later he would go to Perpich Center for the Performing arts where he learned about theory and how to play in ensembles. All the while he was playing in metal an punk bands. Afterwards he received his associates degree from Mesabi Range Community College and went on to pursue other various musical endeavors and went to college for music. 

Gordon has played in musical groups such as  Servanthood, The Body Beneath, Primo Blend, Bringers of the Dawn, Sloughgrass, Books on Tape and various other groups.